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Engineer Wind Rating (EWR)

While no one wants to sit poolside in a storm, they don’t want to be hit by a flying umbrella either. There is a degree of comfort in knowing that your umbrella has been engineered to be secure and safe in harsh weather, and will continue to do it’s job after the event.

But not all the customers that purchase our highest rated umbrellas are on the coast or feeling at risk of hurricane exposure, it is simply that the EWR is also a reflection of the quality and likely long term performance of the product.

To achieve a wind rating over 100kph, along with a good design, you’ll know that the umbrella has been made from the heavy duty structural materials needed to ensure the frame and canopy can perform and endure outdoors. Usually weighing between 150 to 400 kg these type of umbrellas are serious shelter options that will be chemically anchored and bolted to a footing, offering the convenience of being permanently outdoors, secure and ready for use, and just as prepared for what it is likely to exposed to when you’re not using it.

For the more lightweight portable commercial umbrella, an EWR is an indicator of the likely performance in the conditions where it was intended to be used, and for most that’s in winds
of 0-30pkh.

The lower your umbrella’s wind rating, the sooner the umbrella will be shaking, flapping and generally unpleasant to sit under, and well before it reaches it’s rated limits.

We engineered our cafe portable umbrella to 60 kph because that’s what we think is required for stability and comfort on the windiest day that you’re likely to out be using it, and you’ll have ample time to retract your umbrella in changing conditions, well before any damage can be done.

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