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The Umbrella Canopy

Over the years we’ve tested dozens of fabrics in a multitude of commercial and industrial
environments, so for us and architectural grade PVC, was an easy choice.

We use a high tensile PVC that is purposefully designed for umbrellas, and has been to be pretensioned in manufacture, so it is not compromised by the constant deploying and retraction of the canopy, extending the life of your umbrella.

High tensile and dimensionally stable the fabric actually adds strength to the frame contributing to the achievement of the desired wind rating.

Waterproof extends the use of umbrella as shelter we with many commercial models being compatible with rain channels and guttering.

Extensive options of translucent and block out, to account for any natural shade you may have surrounding the site, and prevent your cover from being too dark. Quality fabrics will provide levels of solar reflection and transference impact of light and temperature under cover.

Low maintenance, mould resistant and flame retardant it’s ideal in a commercial environment, and the translucent canopy creates an airy elevation and ambient light that is a pleasure to be under. 100% waterproof, heat reflective, and UV stabilised for pro-longed exposure to the sun, an architectural grade PVC canopy keeps your customers comfortable and protected from the elements.

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