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Four Point Shade Sail

Welcome to the evolution of shade sail design. The beauty of the sail is captured and reinforced within a structurally engineered frame, creating all weather cover that is both distinctive and functional.

Popular poolside, in parks, public spaces, or commercial precincts, the Hypar is suited to any project requiring permanent high quality shelter, creative freedom and simple clean lines.

Advanced Sail Design

Where a traditional shade sail is a triangular, flat two-dimensional awning, a Hypar is a square sail, twisted into a three-dimensional form.

Alternating high and low connection points pull the sail into opposing planes of tension, strengthening the canopy and delivering;

  • Greater spans and increased coverage
  • Variable height planes that don't obscure the view.
  • Improved wind resistance, eliminating the noisy flapping and sagging of a standard sail.
  • Natural sloping channels for controlling water flow.


Three Standard Configurations

Designs with the choice of structural column/s at either the side, corner, or in the centre of the sail, allow you to promote your view, and easily work in with any existing buildings, entrances or walkways.

Premium PVC Sail

A dimensionally stable, architectural grade PVC sail, holds its shape and adds stability like no other fabric. Steel cables are welded into the sail's perimeter seams and tensioned by anti creep fixings to keep the sail taut, reinforce the linear edge, and counter wind pressure.

Waterproof, heat reflective and highly UV resistant, the Hypar provides quality all weather protection undercover. The fade resistant and anti-fungal properties of the canopy ensure easy care, and long-term, commercial use.

Day or Night

Accessories such as heating, lighting and speaker systems can all be pre-wired into the frame at the point of manufacture, enhancing user comfort and transitioning the space from day to night.

The Hypar comes in three standard configurations, but also offers the flexibility to adjust angles and heights to craft the most visually appealing structure, and to accommodate irregular shaped areas.

4 POST HYPAR 940 1

Perimeter Column

Needing expansive, “column-free” space undercover?

The four post Perimeter Column Hypar is ideal for parks, public spaces, playgrounds and workplaces, offering large spaces of clear unobstructed shade.

As a non-collapsible structure that is permanently outdoors, the Hypar’s reinforced frame and sail is engineer wind rated (EWR) up to an impressive  148kph making it suitable for most public and commercial environments.

Recommended for sheltered to very high wind zones.

Blue Hypar

Centre Column

Popular poolside, with an optional 360° rotational base to reposition your shade.

Perfect for quality cover in wide open spaces, the sail is mounted on a central column, that when correctly positioned will provide ample shade without obscuring the view.

An optional rotational base allows you to reposition the sail to follow the sun throughout the day.

The Centre Column Hypar is Engineer wind rated (EWR) to 148kph.

Recommended for sheltered to very high wind zones.

Hypar Alternate Column

Cantilevered Column

Maximum coverage, with minimum number of structural columns.

The dual post cantilevered layout with diagonally opposed posts is ideal for walkways and linking for unlimited continuous cover.

Alternate corners are cantilevered off the main frame, giving you maximum coverage, and the greatest spans off the least number of structural columns.

The Cantilever Column Hypar is Engineer wind rated (EWR) to 148kph

Recommended for sheltered to high wind zones.

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The Perfect Poolside Companion

"There are a lot of wind related umbrellas on the market today...

…but when we said ours was rated to 148kph, we didn’t mean that was the speed it would travel…”

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