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Centre Column Umbrella

Premium materials and classic design combine in a heavy duty commercial umbrella purpose built to live outdoors.

With a commercial solution for every environment, the Sola can be tailored so you only purchase the performance and benefits you actually need, making it our most versatile and popular umbrella.

Expansive or Compact

Available in a hexagonal, square or rectangular canopy.
Choose from 8 sizes offering extensive shade coverage from 5sqm up to 25sqm off a single column.

Sheltered or Exposed

The Sola is engineered to withstand winds up to 118kph to suit most commercial environments, and upgradable to 148kph, for challenging wind prone areas.

Portable or Permanent

Weighing over 100kg the Sola has been designed for fixed installation outdoors, but can be fitted with a weighted base and caster system to re-position your shade.

Retractable or Fixed Canopy

A proprietary internal gearing system ensures swift & easy operation of the retractable canopy in any weather, or choose a fixed canopy for the freedom of quality permanent cover.

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Rain or Shine

An architectural grade, high tensile PVC adds strength and style to the canopy.

The fabric's distinctive smooth finish is waterproof, heat reflective, and UV treated, keeping customers dry, cool and sun-safe.

Day or Night

Accessories such as radiant heating and LED lighting can be pre-wired within the umbrella frame to transition your space from day to night.

Linking panels and rain diverters can also be installed to channel water away from the waterproof canopy for year round use.

Skyspan offers three canopy options so you only pay for the performance and benefits that you actually need.



Retractable Canopy

Shade when you want it and sunshine when you don’t?

With our reliable and robust internal gearing system, the umbrella is easily operated via a detachable handle, and safely locked into position, whatever the weather.

Engineer wind rated (EWR) for wind speeds up to 118kph whilst open, you’ll have ample time to retract your umbrella in changing conditions.

Once closed, the Sunset will stand safe and secure in winds up to 148kph, ready for future use.

Recommended for sheltered, light to medium wind zones with occasional high wind exposure, and for high wind zones once retracted.

Fixed Canopy


Fixed Canopy

Need year round shelter, or not wanting the task of retracting your shade?

The Horizon fixed canopy option removes the cost of the retraction system, locking the umbrella permanently open without compromising safety and performance in harsh weather.

The Horizon canopy is engineer wind rated (EWR) and certified for wind speeds up to 118kph.


Recommended for sheltered, light to medium wind zones with occasional high wind exposure.

Extreme Weather


Extreme Weather Canopy

The clear choice for any coastal, wind prone, or exposed environments.

Structurally reinforced struts brace the tensioned canopy for increased stability and greater wind resistance for wind speeds up to 148kph.

Solid to translucent canopy options allow you to choose the appropriate level of light transmission from full block out to moderately diffused light to suit your levels of sun exposure.


Recommended for medium, high and very high wind zones.

"So easy to use a child could do it, but so cleverly designed that he doesn't."

easy to use

With retractable canopies of up to 20 sqm in size, the operating system of a commercial umbrella cannot be an afterthought.

The Sola’s proprietary, hand wound, internal gearing system makes light work of deploying even the most substantial canopy. Swift and smooth operation without any cumbersome equipment or extra help makes the Sola ideal for commercial use.

A removable handle, allows the umbrella to be locked into position, preventing any unauthorised operation and keeping your patrons, staff, and umbrella, safe, whatever the weather.

Want more information, or need that real life look & feel?

Download our Sola brochure or contact us today for pricing and samples for your project.

Rain or Shine

Practical & Portable


Seriously Shady