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Tips to creating distinctive outdoor dining spaces

Changes to the planning rules enable pubs and small bars across NSW to implement outdoor dining.

This is great news for hospitality businesses. The question becomes how can you create an atmosphere that customers feel is a destination rather than a footpath?

When you are getting started on developing your alfresco dining space one of the first decisions needs to be creating an all-weather solution, providing shade and shelter to your guests.

With a fabulous long lasting and portable commercial umbrella, you’re able to create an outdoor dining area that clients love.

Consider whether the umbrella is placed within a tabletop or is supported by a freestanding portable base. How does that effect your table configuration options?

Choose colours that create a soft and inviting light for guests to relax under, as well as helping your business stand out in the street.

Ensure the umbrella you choose is suitable for the wind zone that you are located in. No-one needs the stress of having to take umbrellas down mid service.

Commercial grade umbrellas are designed for use in hospitality with a combination of quality, strength and unique features, that takes them beyond the specifications of a domestic model.

Skyspan Shade umbrellas come with the recommendation of many hospitality providers. There are several models worth investigating, in particular take a look at the Sunset range, providing shade for up to 17m2, or the smaller Alfresco portable Umbrella which can cover up to 12.2m2.

Skyspan Shade offer a stylish concrete Skyspan™ Cube that the umbrella can be fitted to. This is designed to enable you to re-position your Skyspan umbrella where you need, when you need it.

Don’t order an umbrella that blows away or you have to throw away – get a quality solution that will last.

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