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Skyspan Umbrella Features

Our turn-key service begins with our unique designs, which are all certified by our structural engineer and wind rated to meet or exceed Australian standards.

Architecturally Designed and Engineered. Proudly Australian Made.

Pimpama Sports Hub - Sunset Centre Column Umbrella

Engineered & Wind Rated

Skyspan™ architectural umbrellas come with an Engineer Wind Rating Certification, be it our Alfresco portable umbrellas (60Km/h), Vista and Sunset ranges (118Km/h open, 148Km/h retracted) or our cyclone rated Typhoon and Panorama ranges (148Km/h open).

Stylish Cast Base Plates

At Skyspan™ we pay attention to detail. Starting at the bottom our custom cast alloy base plates provide a clean look whilst adding durability and strength to the design.

Easy Wind Opening & Retracting

In the middle our “Easy Wind” retraction system utilises a unique “rack and pinion” gear system which along with our “Anti-Jam” crank lift allow for easy, fast and reliable opening/closing of canopies. A simple but unique lever allows the umbrella to be locked in the open position for safety. The removable handle leaves a clean aesthetic appearance whilst preventing unauthorised operation.

Concealed Cables

At the canopy level, our concealed stainless perimeter cable gives the canopy its curved contemporary profile and overall chic quality. All hardware is manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel for maximum strength and longevity

Integrated Electrical Wiring

Skyspan™ offers the option of including integrated electrical wiring to be supplied ex-factory for accessories including electrical heating units, lighting and speaker systems.


In addition to including electrical wiring, a lighting solution is available for some models of umbrellas (applies to Australian purchases only).​

PVC Blind Systems​

Skyspan Panorama umbrellas are compatible with outdoor blind systems, allowing you to create a more sheltered and protected environment.​

Fabric & Frame Colour Options

Skyspan™ offer a complete range of powdercoating colours from the Interpon range for frames and a comprehensive set of canopy colours from the Ferrari 502 range.

Replacement Canopy​

Refresh your existing Skyspan umbrella. Skyspan canopies are replaceable, allowing you to easily refresh your umbrellas, should the need arise.​

Skyspan Typhoon

Ferrari Canopy Colour - Standard

Interpon Frame Colour - Standard

Skyspan™ Cube

Introducing one of the most popular umbrella accessories – Skyspan Cube.

Weighted, yet portable, each Skyspan™ Cube is fitted with commercial grade lockable casters and levelling feet, allowing for easy maneuverability of your umbrella. Once relocated, the Skyspan™ Cube is easily and safely locked into place.

Skyspan™ Cubes can be filled with decorate stone, sand, plants or lined with timber to double as  leaner/table, enhancing your outdoor space. 

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