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Cantilever Umbrella

Vista means view. Make the most of yours, enjoying expansive and unobstructed shade under our popular side column umbrellas.

Engineered to stand up in the most testing conditions but yet is so easy to operate, the Vista offers a stylish shade solution that delivers performance, comfort and safety.

Extensive Shade Coverage

Available in a square, hexagonal or rectangular canopy.
Choose from 8 sizes with shade coverage from 9 sqm up to an impressive 25 sqm off a single side column.

Easy Operation

A robust internal gearing system ensures the swift and easy operation of the Vista's sizable canopies, in any weather.
Operated via a simple detachable awning handle, the canopy is easily deployed and can be locked into position to prevent any unauthorised use.

Engineer Wind Rated

With umbrella weights over 300kg, the Vista has been purpose built to live permanently outdoors.
Engineered to withstand wind speeds up to an impressive 118kph whilst open, and 148kph once closed, the Vista will perform in even the most challenging commercial environments.

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360° Rotational Base

Add the optional rotational base to the Vista and easily reposition the canopy through a full 360° to follow the sun throughout the day.

Day or Night

Accessories such as heating and lighting can be pre-wired within the umbrella frame to enhance comfort and transition your space from day to night.

Premium PVC Canopy

An architectural grade, dimensionally stable PVC creates a strong canopy that maintains its shape like no other.
Steel cables concealed within canopy seams and tensioned by anti-creep fixings reinforce and stabilise the umbrella for superior performance.

Waterproof, heat reflective, and UV treated, the Vista's canopy keeps customers dry, cool and protected from harsh UVA and UVB rays, while the anti-fungal and anti-fade properties of the fabric ensure easy owner care, and long-term use.

Space at Premium? Just double the boom!

Cairns Gallery

Adding an extra boom and canopy is a great solution for back to back dining or for tight spots where you want to provide shade and weather protection, but retain a feeling of openness and space.

The Vista’s heavy-duty frame is structurally engineered to support up to four canopies, off a single, unobtrusive column, maximising the use of your outdoor space.

With an extensive selection of canopy and frame colours available, it’s easy to compliment and define your outdoors areas to reflect your style.


The Vista umbrella is available in a hexagonal, square or rectangular canopy.

Umbrella Height
L x W
Square Centre Column
2380 x 2380mm
3130 x 3130mm
3470 x 3470mm
4000 x 4000mm
5000 x 5000mm
Hexagonal Canopy
3830 x 4415mm
4960 x 4310mm
4880 x 5610mm
Rectangular Canopy
3950 x 2950mm

*Measurements are nominal and for illustration purposes only and therefore are subject to change without notice.

Vista Open Closed Gold 1

"One of these things is not the others, and it's not just the good looks..."

not like the others

Towering over a standard umbrella, and with weights between 320 to 380kg, the Vista is a heavy duty commercial umbrella designed for permanent installation outdoors.

Unique from other commercial cantilevered umbrellas, the Vista does not require any cumbersome equipment, or extra assistance to operate.  Even the largest canopy at 25sqm is quickly mobilised by our proprietary internal gearing system, allowing a single user to manage the umbrella with ease.

The Vista’s clever design conceals tensioned cables within the frame and canopy’s seams, achieving it’s impressive wind ratings without the need for obtrusive support cables running under the canopy.

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Floral was great in 1979... but today you'd like white?

1970s BBQ

Anti-fungal and fade resistant, our premium PVC canopies are long lasting and easy care, but we understand there may come a time when you want to refresh the look of your outdoor space.

That’s why we designed the Vista to be easily “reskinned” with a new canopy, and your old canopy recycled. It’s also why we can supply a full range of spare parts for all of our umbrellas, so with just a little care, you can get a lot more out of your investment.


Outdoors, Rain or Shine

"There are a lot of wind rated umbrellas on the market today...

…but when we said ours was rated to 148kph, we didn’t mean that was the speed it would travel…”

Your evening entertainer.