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Pavilion Umbrella

Extend your capacity to cater with a cost effective and functional alternative to an outdoor room.

Boasting the largest canopies in our range, the Panorama provides serious protection from the elements, but still invites in the outdoor atmosphere that has always made Alfresco dining so popular.

Expansive or Compact

5 standard sizes provide coverage options starting from 9sqm up an impressive 64sqm off a single structure. Umbrellas can be standalone, or connected under one continuous membrane for unlimited all weather cover.

Flexible Designs

Place structural columns to the side, corner, or in the centre of the umbrella to promote your view, and work in with any existing buildings, entrances, or walkways on your site.

Day or Night. Rain or Shine

A robust framed perimeter adds stability to the canopy and facilitates the easy installation of clear blinds and rain guttering for a dry enclosed space.

Radiant Heating, LED lighting, and power points can all be pre-wired within the framing transforming your shelter for comfortable year round use.

Ipswich Uni Panorama1 min
Ipswich Uni Panorama2 min

Premium PVC Canopy

A high tensile, weldable PVC delivers a lightweight, but incredibly strong and durable canopy. Enjoy clear spans and wide open spaces undercover, without the need for numerous large interior posts or heavily reinforced foundations.

Waterproof, heat reflective, and UV treated, your customers will be dry, cool and protected from Harsh UV rays, while the fade resistant and anti-fungal properties of the canopy ensure easy care, and long-term commercial use.

Quick and Efficient Installation

Pre-fabricated designs, measured for your site but made in our factory, create a quick and efficient installation process, minimising the downtime and disruption of your business.

Constructed to meet or exceed Australian Building regulations, the Panorama is often classified as a demountable structure, reducing the time and compliance costs to get the cover you need*

*Compliance laws vary between states, talk to us about what might apply to you.

The Panorama range offer three design configurations to ensure the optimium use of your space.

panorama 03

Perimeter Column

Marquee style for clear
internal space.

With coverage from 25 sqm up to 64 sqm under a single, four column canopy, the perimeter column has the largest area of clear internal space of all the freestanding designs.

Engineer wind rated (EWR) to withstand wind speeds up to 148kph the Panorama performs in wind-prone environments, and can be engineered for higher wind ratings for the most challenging and exposed locations.

Recommended for sheltered to very high wind zones.

panorama 01

Centre Column

Perfect for tight spaces or to promote 360°views.

The ideal configuration for centralising heating and lighting, or where “column free” access is required at the sides of the canopy.

Engineer wind rated (EWR) up to 148kph, and customisable to higher wind ratings if required.

Coverage from 9 sqm up to 36 sqm off a single column.

Recommended for sheltered to very high wind zones.

side column

Side Column

Maximum clear internal space
with the minimum number of

Popular in narrow spaces requiring singular transitional walkways or for positioning your columns to promote your outlook.

Engineer wind rated (EWR) to up to 148kph, and customisable to higher wind ratings if required .

Coverage from 9 sqm up to 36 sqm
of coverage off a single column.

Recommended for sheltered to very high wind zones.

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There are a lot of wind rated umbrellas on the market today...

…but when we said ours was rated to 148kph, we didn’t mean that was the speed it would travel…

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