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Skyspan Umbrella Accessories​

Skyspan Typhoon

Integrated Electrical Wiring

Skyspan™ offers the option of including integrated electrical wiring to be supplied ex-factory for accessories including electrical heating units, lighting and speaker systems.


In addition to including electrical wiring, a lighting solution is available for some models of umbrellas (applies to Australian purchases only).​

PVC Blind Systems​

Skyspan Panorama umbrellas are compatible with outdoor blind systems, allowing you to create a more sheltered and protected environment.​

Fabric & Frame Colour Options

Skyspan™ offer a complete range of powdercoating colours from the Interpon range for frames and a comprehensive set of canopy colours from the Ferrari 502 range.

Replacement Canopy​

Refresh your existing Skyspan umbrella. Skyspan canopies are replaceable, allowing you to easily refresh your umbrellas, should the need arise.​

Skyspan™ Cube

Introducing one of the most popular umbrella accessories – Skyspan Cube.

Weighted, yet portable, each Skyspan™ Cube is fitted with commercial grade lockable casters and levelling feet, allowing for easy maneuverability of your umbrella. Once relocated, the Skyspan™ Cube is easily and safely locked into place.

Skyspan™ Cubes can be filled with decorate stone, sand, plants or lined with timber to double as  leaner/table, enhancing your outdoor space. 

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