Stockland Glendale Showcase

Client: Instant Shade Umbrellas
Location: Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre, Melbourne
Year: 2023
Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre located 25 km south-east of Melbourne needed to provide a permanent shade solution for an outside tenant, ‘Beirut Bird Chicken & Cocktails’.
To achieve this Instant Shade installed a rectangular 4.0m x 5.5m centre-column fixed perimeter Panorama, and retro-fitted pull-down clear PVC Blinds. The centre-column Panorama is bolted down onto an existing concrete slab. The Panorama frame is Excel Night Sky with a Ferrari Concrete canopy.
The structure has more than doubled the seating capacity of the Beirut Bird restaurant and they are very happy with their Skyspan Panorama ‘outdoor room’. The structure is super-strong in all weather conditions and the PVC Blinds keep the customers dry and warm.

Images credit to Instant Shade

Stockland Glendale Showcase

Client: East Coast Shade Design
Location: Stockland Glendale, NSW
Year: 2022
A true supercentre in every way, Stockland Glendale is situated on the northern fringe of Lake Macquarie.

To provide shade and seating to the community, the client selected the non-retractable Typhoon umbrella range.

The hexagonal canopies are Ferrari White with a White powder coated frame and are custom installed amongst seating.

Brokenwood Winery Showcase

Client: East Coast Shade Design
Location: Brokenwood Winery, NSW
Year: 2022
This premium 5 star winery is a popular destination for visitors to the Hunter Valley.
To provide beautiful shade at the Terrace Wine bar, the client selected the non retractable Typhoon umbrella range, in a combination of 5.6m Hexagonal and 4.0m Square. With a wind rating of 148kph these large umbrellas will stand up to the conditions.
The canopies are a mix of Ferrari Buttercup with a Matt Black powder coated frame and Ferrari White, also contrasted with a Matt Black powder coated frame.

School Piazza Showcase

Client: Sail Structures
Location: Cairns, Far North Queensland
Year: 2022
Sail Structures client required a variety of shade solutions for their school piazza.

The clients selected Sunset hexagonal umbrellas, installed in 800 x 800 x 600 Skyspan Cubes, to allow portability, in addition to a duo square Vista, providing significant shade from a single column.

The finished effect is stunning. The canopy colours used were Ferrari Boulder 502V2-2171C, Midnight Blue 502V2-2161C, and Burgundy.

Southport Broadwater Parklands Showcase

Client: Council for the city of Gold Coast
Location: Southport Broadwater Parklands
Year: 2022
The Southport Broadwater Parklands is a large community park located in Southport. It is designed for large community gatherings and families.

Skyspan Shade refreshed the existing Sunset hexagonal umbrellas in the park, with twelve new canopies, in June 2022.

The clients selected White, Midnight Blue, Lemon and Orange for the new canopies.

Pimpama Sports Hub Showcase

Pimpama Sports Hub - Sunset Centre Column Umbrella
Client: ADCO and Naturelink
Location: Pimpama, Queensland
Year: 2021
Skyspan Shade was chosen by Adco / Naturelink Landscapes to provide an umbrella shade solution for the head client, Pimpama Sports Hub in Queensland. The Aquatic Centre at Pimpama Sports Hub hosts regional events, training and school groups, learn to swim and aquatic programs, recreational users and the wider community.
Around the outdoor pool area, 15 Sunset Centre Column Umbrellas of 4 meters square have been installed. The chosen colour for the canopy was Ferrari 502 – Lemon and the frame Citi Pearl Matt YY245A.

Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters Showcase

Client: Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters 
Location: Anna Bay, Newcastle, NSW
Year: 2021
Skyspan Shade was chosen by Irukandji Shark and Ray Encounters to provide umbrella shade to enable guests to enjoy the facility.
As a result, guests are spoilt for choice, with 23 Skyspan Shade Umbrellas installed. The team at Irukandji selected the Horizon umbrella in both hexagonal and square along with the retractable Vista Cantilever hexagonal umbrella.
The chosen colour for the canopies was Ferrari 502 Champagne, which is a highly resistant membrane designed to last over the years, protecting against both UV and rain. The frames are powdercoated in Dulux Primrose, a soft and subtle tone of yellow.