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Solar & light properties of Skyspan umbrella canopies

Best in class canopy fabric is essential when selecting a commercial umbrella to provide both a shade and shelter solution.

Following years of testing fabrics in a multitude of commercial and industrial environments, the recommendation (of Skyspan Fabric Engineers) is to use an architectural grade PVC.

A high tensile PVC that is purposefully designed for umbrellas, and has been to be pretensioned in manufacture, so it is not compromised by the constant deploying and retraction of the canopy, will extend the life of the umbrella.

In addition, the architectural grade PVC range also offers both vibrant long lasting colour choice, with the additional benefit of waterproof, high heat reflection, UV Resistant, 50+ UV rated, fade resistance, anti-fungal and flame retardant qualities. This means the canopy is easy care and will last the distance.

For the very best in architectural grade shade canopy solutions we have partnered with Serge Ferrari. The unique satin finish of their specialist fabric offers a modern, high-end solution, in addition to the features referred to previously.

With confidence in the fabric quality, the decision of colour needs to be made. There are several key considerations when recommending the canopy colour for a project.

Colour choice offers the opportunity to further personalize the unit. There are 40 colours to select from, providing the opportunity to either align the colour pallet with that of the surrounding location, or to opt to make an impactful, contrasting statement.

Each colour option provides maximum UV protection, with 100% of UV rays (UPF 50+) blocked. In addition, the fabric technology resists UV damage due to high-quality pigment selection and thicker, more consistent protective coating than other traditional fabrics, ensuring a longer lasting consistent look.

However, what differs is the solar and light properties of the canopy based on the colour. Colour can be used to influence the shade properties and ambiance that the umbrella provides.

Each colour has a unique combination of Solar Transmission (ST); Solar Reflection (RS) and Solar Absorption (AS) properties.

For warmer climates, a colour that provides maximum Solar Reflection (RS) may be required – so for a cooler under canopy feel you may consider;

  • 8102C – White (80% RS)
  • 8341C – Champagne (72% RS)
  • 8861C – Vanilla (65%)

Where a bright, vibrant colour is required to lighten up the area beneath the canopy, a colour with a high Solar Transmission (ST) may be considered – so for a lighter under canopy feel you may consider;

  • 8255C – Poppy (18% ST)
  • 8204C – Orange (16% ST)
  • 2166C – Buttercup (15% ST)

The team at Skyspan looks forward to the opportunity of assisting you to make the right colour selection to achieve success in your project.

Skyspan Canopy Colour Charts
Serge Ferrari

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