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Style and Substance

The shade industry is seeing an increase in hospitality demand for outdoor shelter solutions as the tourism sector recovers from disruptions in travel over the past two years.

“Clients are looking for a high quality long lasting shade option that also fits the aesthetic brief,” explains Carman, sales manager at Skyspan Shade.

With a wide selection of sizes, shapes and colours, the Skyspan Shade range is impressive. However more importantly it is the details that really allow the product to stand out.

Skyspan Umbrellas are architecture designed and engineered wind rated to withstand stated wind conditions/speeds.

“This is crucial for commercial umbrellas. With our engineered wind rating, we are confident that the umbrellas are suitable for their purpose”, Carman said.

Skyspan umbrellas internal tensioning system involves a services of steel cables that run the perimeter seams and arms of the canopy with anticreep fixings. This delivers a cleaner finished look, eliminating the need for visible support cables under the canopy.

“Our shade solutions provide protection from a hot summer day, or shelter against the wind or rain. While Skyspan umbrellas are a long lasting shade and shelter solution, they are easily reskinned if the look is to be updated” says Carman.

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